Economarks Mission - Environmentalism, Conservation and Social Reform

Our mission is to analyze current environmental, ecological and social phenomena in the world, while providing accessible scientific tools and knowledge. We wish to stimulate lively discussion in the hope of creating social change in the world around us. The goal is to increase  public awareness and create public debate on these issues. We would like to encourage a change in society’s approach to  social, environmental, spatial,  and ecological events. We are looking to feature  a wide range of writers from the fields of Environmental or Ecological research, Conservation, Behavior, Geography, Geopolitics, Social Sciences, Biology, Astrophysics and Economics.

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According to UN estimates, the number of people in the world suffering from malnutrition is approximately 880 million, slightly less


A Sun on earth

On November 16, 2018 a scientific milestone was recorded – scientists conducting experiments in Chinese laboratories produced an “artificial sun”.


Sea wasp

Meet the sea wasp, one of the Box jellyfish species, one of the most dangerous jellyfish in the world. The


Vaccination for bees

12 years ago, scientists noticed that the bees, and especially the honey bee, were disappearing. It is a worldwide phenomenon


Space junk

When we think of trash and pollution, we usually mean garbage that accumulates on land and in the sea. Unfortunately,

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