The fortress which had cut into pieces

This place is a Crusader fortress built in the 12th century near the banks of the Jordan River, Israel, to secure a bridge across the river. The fort was completely destroyed a few months after it was erected. But the amazing thing is that the fortress was erected just above a geological rift (Syrian African rift, or Great Rift Valley), which cuts it in the center.

While its eastern side moves north with the Asian continent, its western side moves south and west (with the African continent). So far, the sides have moved over 2 meters since the fort was built. A mosque built on top of the fort after the Muslim occupation was also split in two. The rapid displacement is attributed to two or three earthquakes that occurred at the site. The fort contributes, among other things, to measure the rate of movement of tectonic plates in the area. The name of the place – Ateret.

Photos by Maor Kohn

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